That’s Sew You! is proud to offer a wide-array of quality products including hats, shirts, pillow blankets, baby blankets, blankets, jackets, bags, purses, hair bows and tutus.

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Everyone at That’s Sew You! has a passion for creating through the expressive medium of embroidery and sewing. When you review our gallery, you will quickly realize how seriously we take our work and how passionate we are for what we do. For us, embroidery truly is a labor of love.

Whether you are looking for hand embroidery design, Christmas embroidery or lace embroidery designs, you will quickly find that our work will meet and surpass your needs. We work with a home industrial 6-needle embroidery machine that provides the highest level of quality for advanced embroidery.

Embroidery is an art form with truly ancient roots that involves creating a captivating work of art through the medium of needle, thread and other related materials. For centuries, works of embroidery were some of the finer examples of the craftsmanship of the day.

Today, it is common to find these spectacular creations of past generations in museums around the world. In short, embroidery is literally part of the fabric of the human story. While historians are uncertain as to the exact origin of this ancient art form and mode of expression, there is no doubt that it is truly ancient. Embroidery has been found dating back to the 3rd century BC and in locations all around the world including China and India.

We at That’s Sew You! carry on this rich and full tradition and we hope to display our quality to work to you in the future. Contact our Bakersfield, California embroidery company today, and we will work closely with you to produce a garment that you will love for years to come.



A Little About Us

The creators of That’s Sew You! have been responsible for the creation and distribution of thousands of high-quality blankets worldwide. This mother and daughter team is led by Betsy Dunkel. We infuse our love of embroidery, sewing and clothing creation into every garment that we produce or modify. If you are looking for California embroidery services, look no further than That’s Sew You! We are based in Bakersfield, California and happy to work directly with our customers to produce sewing and embroidery projects that you and your family will treasure.   > Read More

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We realize that feedback is the lifeblood of business. We at That’s Sew You! want to hear from you and value your input. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or ideas that you may have. Our California embroidery and sewing company is based in Bakersfield. However, we work with clients all over the world. Again our philosophy is to put our customers first, so contact us today!

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